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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Ceeplatprofile Ltd a leading real estate company with Head office Lagos State.
  • VATICAN GARDEN ESTATE ENUGU has a Registered Survey, Deed and power of Attorney.
  • The land is free from every known acquisition or interest and adverse claims.
  • Yes, Corner piece plots attracts additional 10% of the land cost.
  • Non-payment of the monthly installment as at when due shall be treated as a fundamental breach of contract which will attract 10% default charges of the stipulated monthly payment.

  • 460sqm and 300sqm meaning (50 x100 feet and 50 x 50 feet)

  • Yes the road to the estate is motorable
  • Other payment will be made after full payment for the land and before physical allocation of plots.
  • Acknowledgment letter of payment, payment invoice and contract of sales agreement.
  • Payment receipt, Acknowledgment letter, survey plan, Deed of Assignment and physical allocation.

  • YES, you have minimum of 1 month & maximum of 3 years to develop your plot or re-sell your plot
  • Yes, we only accept duplex, bungalow and terrace duplex. Note, “face-me-I-face-you, block of flats (tenant building) and high -rise buildings will not be permitted. All building designs must conform to the required set back of building control of the estate and such design would be approved by the company in conformity with state building laws.
  • Yes, But Ceeplatprofile reserves the right to be the first bidder because we are always ready to buy it back. But in the case we are not interested, you must inform Ceeplat of whomever you sell to and a charge of 5% of the land consideration (Documentation Fee shall be paid to the Company by the buyer, whether you sell it yourself or we sell it on your behalf.

  • We strongly advise that cash payments should only be made to CEEPLATPROFILE LTD at it designated offices or account. Otherwise, cheque shouldbe issued in favor of  CEEPLATPROFILE LTD. We shall not accept any Liability that may arise as a result of a deviation from the above instruction.
  • Yes, a refund can be made, however the refund will be made with a deduction of 30% administrative charges and 3 months period would be allowed for Ceeplatprofile to process the payment. Also note that the refund will be made pending when such plot has been re-sold.
  • Yes, you can get a refund, however the refund will be made in full with a deduction of 30% administrative charges and 3 months period would be allowed for Ceeplatprofile Ltd to process the payment.
  • Yes, there will be development levy and must be paid before commencement of site work.
  • Drainage Systems.
  • Electricity Works.
  • Water Connection and Works.
  • Security Cams.
  • Street Lamp Poles.
  • Access Roads.
  • Road network.
  • Recreational Facilities.
  • Perimeter Fencing
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